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  • Katie Cabanas, Founder

Training Centre Creates New Economic Opportunities in Jamaica

Cabanas Consulting is proud to have partnered with the Manfred Memorial Foundation and the Merritt Family Foundation for the creation of the PAVE Centre, the Portland Arts and Vocational Educational Centre in Port Antonio, Jamaica.

In only 6 months, the newly created PAVE Centre began classes with at-risk youth in Jamaica, providing a pathway to create new careers for these youth and their families.

We created the strategic framework and execution plan for a vocational and arts training center in the Caribbean. On behalf of the family foundation, I worked closely with the chosen non-profit who is implementing the training. I worked with the team to

create an overall business plan, underlying processes, structure, role definition and budgets and reporting structures to bring the vision to fruition.

Further, we oversaw the donor outreach and marketing plan creation and implementation to plan for financial sustainability for the newly created center.

I'd be honored to collaborate with your organization to help create your philanthropic story.

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