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Katie understands how challenging it can be to apply your organization's values and mission through communication. That's why she has developed signature workshops to eliminate the confusion and communicate confidently. 

Boldly Master Your Message

Are you ready? You’ve got an upcoming panel appearance or presentation and you need help, fast! 

Whether it’s a gut check to make sure you’re showing up as your best self, or you’re curious how you can improve before you step in front of an audience, Boldly Master Your Message is for you. 

With a 5-step framework based on winning communication strategy, Katie Cabanas will help you focus on areas to enable you to shine in that moment... and beyond.

Workshop includes: 

  • 30 minute pre-call to clarify presentation goals

  • Half-day workshop (live or via Zoom) to craft and/or perfect your message

  • 30 minute post-workshop call to review and refine messaging 

Imagine how you will feel with a solid foundation for your brand messaging.  Call today to reserve your spot. 

Bold Brand Framework

Is your brand’s foundation built to last?  Is your messaging clear? 

Imagine how great you'd feel to be rock solid in your brand position and messaging. 

Imagine how your teams would feel to have the specific tools to elevate their communication.
With her signature BOLD blueprint (Become. Own. Lead. Decide), Katie will guide you in creating your brand blueprint for the future.  In this half-day workshop you will: 

» Clarify target audiences. Who are your existing and aspirational clients? 
» Create brand pillars upon which marketing messages will be based. 
» Apply pillars to marketing mix to determine best fit. 

Workshop includes: 

  • 30 minute pre-call to clarify goals

  • Half-day workshop (live or via Zoom)  

  • 30 minute post-workshop call to review brand pillars and refine messaging 

Imagine how you will feel with a solid foundation for your brand. Call today to reserve your spot. 

Communication Strategy

Private 1:1

Boldly owning your place in the market isn’t easy.  

Mastering your brands message, while inspiring and motivating action doesn’t happen automatically.  

It’s a journey that goes the distance when you have someone in your corner, giving you ongoing support and coaching, not only for the big moments but also for the everyday touch-points. 

In our customized communications coaching program for leaders, you’ll work one-on-one with Katie Cabanas to boldly address the areas for improvement – with lots of encouragement along the way —to make a critical difference.

Schedule a call today to determine if this is a good fit for you. 

Shaking Hands


Do you have the right brand strategy? Are you executing it well? Does your marketing plan have a clear purpose and a way to measure success? 

Katie Cabanas understands how challenging that can be.  She has led large teams with big budgets.  She knows how to make the strategy decisions and execute the plans.  

For a limited number of clients, Katie serves as an outsourced or fractional CMO, acting as a part-time Chief Marketing Officer responsible for leading the marketing strategy and managing marketing teams with a clear focus on driving results.  

Whether it is a product launch, business startup or capital campaign, Katie can help your brand stand out.  

Brand Partnerships


Katie considers it a tremendous honor to be asked to speak to corporations, entrepreneurs, associations, and non-profit organizations in the U.S. and internationally - in English or Spanish.


Katie often speaks to groups on topics related to:

  • Brand Strategy

  • How to Cultivate Powerful Brand Partnerships

  • Preparing Your Pitch: High Impact Philanthropy

  • BOLDLY Mastering Your Message

  • What Now? Reputation Management

Schedule a meeting or email today explore how Katie can support your next event:

Speaking Engagemets
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